Een golf van inspiratie in het Engels..

I just fell into a field of silence
A place that holds and accepts this sensation I feel which we call ‘heaviness’ and ‘sadness’

But beyond the words there is a place of surrender
Beyond which we call good or bad
Beyond the story and the drama’s of our lives
Words and judgments fall apart
And I feel that from this place I can’t connect any longer with that story
It feels so weird in this moment of oneness

In this place of Love lays the seed of birth
And from that place I can see so clearly that which we call ‘dying’ is my urge to live!
And it gives birth to a deeper understanding of all transformation and creativity in life
It helps me to stay humble and thankful of all the beauty that surrounds me
It feeds my trust
The trust in the feelings that want to be felt and want to be alive in me right now

Because I am alive!
I am life itself
I am Love

And that understanding wants to sink deeper in these days
In every layer of my being.